Our Veg boxes

Small (£18) or Large (£24)

Our small box contains 9 seasonal items.

Our large box contains 12 seasonal items.

The specific choice depends on the season but may include:

   Asparagus            Aubergine            Broccoli
Brussel Sprouts            Calabrese            Carrots  
Cavalo Nero            Celeriac            Chard
  Courgettes            Cucumber            Fennel
Free range Eggs            Garlic            Leeks   
Lettuce            Onions            Pak Choi
Parsnips            Peppers            Potatoes
Red Cabbage            Savoy Cabbage            Spinach
Swede            Tomatoes            Winter Greens

If you don't want eggs, no problem,
we'll give you an extra veg instead.

To order a box or for more
information please get in touch
using the form below... 

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