Veg Box Contents

9 or 12 item veg boxes.

All vegetables certified organic.

Contents vary with the seasons, and from week to week.

Carrots, potatoes, onions and half a dozen free range eggs* (not organic) are included weekly throughout the year.

If you prefer we can substitute another vegetable for the eggs.

Typical seasonal veg box contents
Veg £ 13 Box (9 items) £ 17 Box (12 items)
Jun - SeptOct - NovDec - FebJun - SeptOct - NovDec - Feb
Asparagus x
Aubergine x x
Brocoli x x x x
Brussel Sprouts x
Calabrese x x x
Carrots x x x x x x
Cavalo Nero x x
Celeriac x
Chard x x x
Courgettes x
Cucumber x x
Fennel x x x
Free range eggs* x x x x x x
Garlic x x x
Leeks x x
Lettuce x x x x
Onions x x x x x x
Pak Choi x
Parsnips x x x x
Peppers x x
Potatoes x x x x x x
Red Cabbage x x
Savoy Cabbage x x x
Spinach x x
Swede x
Tomatoes x x x x
Winter Greens x